December 4, 2023


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PasscodeReader for iDevices using Bruteforce Tool [Windows]

@TwizzyIndy developer a new software based on brute force to find passcode for any apple idevice with iOS 6 to iOS 8.1.3 firmware. This software will unlock your passcode lock screen but you need to have a device jailberken , what this mean? this software will use ailbroken iOS device to gain unsigned code execution privilege.

You need connect your jailbreken idevice in passcode requiring screen and click bruteforce button . Your device will be getting many reboots. its depending in your passcode digits , will run all 0000 – 9999 possibility. After boot-up completely click again in Read passcode button your passcode be will show up .

PasscodeReader for iDevices using Bruteforce Tool [Windows]

passcode bruteforce

Non-jailbroken phones are not vulnerable to this hack.
A user needs to have physical access to your device to perform this hack.
Also, need install Apple File Conduit (AFC – SauriK version) from cydia for all ios8.x.x hack
PasscodeReader for iDevices using Bruteforce Tool [Windows]

Download files PasscodeReader-v1.0

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