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We have shared different VPN settings for this 9mobile 2.5GB free browsing cheat, Https settings, KPN tunnel settings etc, which will require you to update files every now and then, well with Edoztunnel VPN you don’t need to update files anymore because the 9mobile 2.5GB cheat is embedded on it, all you need do is download the VPN select the 9mobile 2GB or 500mb option and connect, also Edoztunnel VPN has different fast servers for fast internet surfing.

Note that the 9mobile 0.00KB free browsing cheats that are available on the Edoztunnel VPN and the Edoz V2ray VPN still works well as long as you follow the instructions, the 9mobile 0.00kb cheats works without any active data subscription, so feel free to check them out, for now let’s show you how to use the 9mobile 2.5GB Free browsing Cheat on the Edoztunnel VPN this 2021

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There are new latest 2021 free Internet settings for your country/network on Edoztunnel VPN Click here to download the app

Some Features Of Edoztunnel VPN

~ A good SSL/HTTP/SSH/ and TCP VPN

~Unlimited Fast premium servers

~Pre-configured free internet settings for different countries and networks

~ Unblocks restricted websites and services

~ Supported in Every country

~ User Friendly interface

~Free of any charge

~Battery Friendly(doesn’t consume battery like other VPNs)

Requirements For 9mobile 2.5GB Free Browsing Cheat Via Edoztunnel VPN

Follow the instructions below to get going with the 9mobile 2.5GB Free browsing Cheat Via Edoztunnel VPN

~ Get your 9mobile sim card on your android smartphone

This plan will give you 500mb for social media browsing you can check your data balance with *228# plus a hidden 2GB which will be used to power all your Apps with the aid of our Edoztunnel

Also you can accumulate the allocated data.

~And Your Edoztunnel VPN app

Click here to Download Edoztunnel VPN from Playstore


Click herehere to download it from mediafire

Edoztunnel VPN Settings For 9mobile 2.5GB Free Browsing Cheat Via Edoztunnel VPN

~ There is nothing much to set simple follow the instruction below it’s very important

~ Download Edoztunnel VPN from the links Above

~ Launch your Edoztunnel VPN app

~ you will be Shown a welcome message Click OKAY( Don’t click cancel) If you don’t see the welcome message then switch your data to a sim with active data subscription and reopen the Edoztunnel app

~ Now click on the Second option and select 9mobile social 2GB or 9mobile social 500mb option

~Then Click on the first option and select any server of your choice

Then Click on the pink blinking logo to connect, it will connect within few seconds, now minimize the app and enjoy

If you ever experience a connected but not browsing issues Kindly tick the options as shown on the screenshot below

Also , you should use the 2GB option first before using the 500mb option because the 2GB configure is dependent on the 500mb social park to work, if you exhaust the Social park data the 2GB cheat wouldn’t work anymore until you re-subscribe

How To Know When Your 9mobile 2GB Data Is Exhausted(Finished)

Since the 2GB data of this 9mobile 2.5GB Free browsing Cheat is hidden, it can get confusing as when you have used up your data, well here is how you can easily ascertain if your 9mobile 2GB data is exhausted:

1~ Firstly, If Your Edoztunnel VPN 2GB option fails to connect and you think your haven’t used up your 2GB data, disconnect the VPN, switch off your data then on it again, then open your browser and type, if any of this site opens then your 2GB data is still active thus you should change sever and reconnect again , but if they don’t open and shows connection problem, then your 2GB data is exhausted and you have to use the 500mb option or Renew your subscription

2~ Another way of ascertaining if you 2GB data is exhausted is by connecting to the 500mb option, if the 500MB option connects successfully without any issues then its obvious that your 2GB data is exhausted, however before applying this second method first check the first method.

Remember to always switch off your data then switch on again before trying this steps..

Also note that you can renew your 9mobile subscription when your exhaust the 2GB data without having to exhaust the 500mb data too.

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