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Husbands Of Lagos Season 1 Episode 1 – 13 (Complete)

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In Lagos; a melting pot of business, politics, power and love, the city that never sleeps, a playground for both rich and poor, a place where dreams become real and the delicate mix of the good, the bad and the ugly forms a tapestry of intrigue, secrets, deceit and romance for the Husbands Of Lagos.


Filename: Husbands Of Lagos.Season.1.Episode.01-13.480p.WEBRip.x265.Esub.mkv
Filesize: 40 MB – 60 MB
Duration: 46 – 60 Mins
Genre: Drama
Stars: Bobby Obodo, Kenneth Okolie, Peggy Ovire, Bolanle Ninalowo, Uche Odoputa, Moyo Lawal, Jennifer Eliogu, Susan Peters, Yvonne Jegede, Mary Remmy Njoku
Subtitle: English


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Episode 1

7:45 The husbands meet at ‘The Lounge’, their usual meeting spot to unwind, at 7:45 to watch a football game and we catch a glance into their individual lives and struggles for the day.

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Episode 2

Some Mothers Do Have Them Annie and her mother in law are constantly clashing. Tosan forms ‘big boy’ but continues mooching. Isioma’s frustrations grow as she tries to get busy, while Wale true to form spins a spurious tale to his lover.

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Episode 3

Mind Your Business The battle intensifies between Annie and her mother in law. Isioma’s rare visit to her husband’s office sows seeds of doubts. Wale finds out that he doesn’t know everything that there is to know about women when he is presented with a peculiar proposition while Tosan lives the high life with one of his girlfriends.

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Episode 4

Go Down Low The husbands meet at The Lounge and discuss not just sex but break the rules and talk about the taboo topic of fellatio and cunillingus AKA ‘ Go Down Low.’ Laughter abounds as they relish and relive their experiences.

Husbands of Lagos (Season 1 Episode 4)

Episode 5

It’s A Girl Annie is furious with her husband for divulging their ‘secret’ to his mother after promising not to. Wale’s life grows even more complicated with the arrival of a visitor from America, while Cassandra are her oyinbo boyfriend Josef are like water and oil.

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Episode 6

Baby Shower Annie’s mother in law takes over the preparation of the baby shower in her usual bullish manner. Aisha is desperate to get the perfect gift for her friend while Isioma meets a stylist too persuasive to ignore.

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Episode 7

Caught In The Middle Isioma is shocked to find her mother from the village and Pastor Tuvi in her home the morning after the baby shower. Mrs Tade Williams to Annie’s delight goes beserk after finding out that she was deceived. Aisha demands to meet Tosan’s family, while Wale discovers that his two major love interests are connected.

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Episode 8

Love Is In The Air Tosan agrees to bring his mother to Lagos from the Benin Republic, however has a different plan in mind. Paranoia grows in Isioma over the house girl, Oge, after mama’s visit. A visit to Pastor Tuvi by Annie and Akin leads to a chance meeting with Mrs Tade Williams whose shocking behaviour sends their heads spinning.

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Episode 9

Smokes And Mirrors A chance stop by the pharmacy reveals a ‘devastating’ secret when Livinus is handed a packet of drugs for his wife. Tosan is in Sapele living his secret life. Esohe tightens her grip on her new ‘whitey’ boyfriend, Josef who ignores all the naysayers.

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Episode 10

Cold War Mrs Tade Williams, is still bitter about Annie’s deception. Annie is desperate for them to leave the frosty atmosphere of the family home. Livinus ignores Isioma and refuses to eat her food. Tosan returns and presents yet another ‘story’ of why he did not bring his mother. Livinus finally confronts Isioma.

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Episode 11

Life Is Good Esohe is on a ‘roll’ with Josef and is delighted when he offers her money for a supposed family emergency. Mrs Tade Williams pays Pastor Tuvi a visit and her new attitude irritates Annie. Wale is pushed into a tight corner when his visitor from America innocently spends the night at her cousin’s house.

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 Episode 12

Cry Wolf Livinus suspects that his wife’s attitude towards the house girl and her aversion his perfume is due to pregnancy. Annie does not let her mother in law rest, not thinking about the possible repercussions. Wale has a lot of explaining to do while Oma decides to play the game.

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Episode 13 Finale

A New Beginning Annie goes into labour but her previous deceit means that her genuine call for help is denied. Aisha takes Tosan’s advice to stay home from work, but unbeknownst to him his past comes calling and his life is at stake. Josef promises Esohe marriage and Isioma is devastated to find out what should be happy news.

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