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How did Samael and Lucifer differ?

Lucifer (Helel ben Shachar), which means “Shining One of the Morning” the character from Isaiah 14:12–15 was the title of a Man, specifically the King of Babylon.

In more recent times Lucifer was projected as the main protagonist of heaven by Milton in his (fictional) book “Paradise Lost” (1667), this was nearly two and a half thousand years after the the story in the book of Isaiah (around 500bc), since then “Lucifer” has become synonymous with the “Devil” or “Satan”.

There is another section in Ezikiel 28:14 that has also been associated with “Lucifer” which is part of a lament about the King of Tyre…

Ezi 28:14 “You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones.”

Again this is the tale of a Man one who had once walked in the Kingdom of God but now fallen from grace but often (mistakenly) interpreted as a description of”Lucifer”.

Lucifer is only a patchwork of tales, some from the Bible and others from popular fiction.

Samael is however one of the “Sons of God”.

Samael is the Angel of Death and the major name for Satan in Judaism. Michael protects the faithful, Samael punishes and accuses the wicked, for this reason he is called the “Satan” (Ha-Satan) and the “Destroyer” (Ma-Shhit).

Many texts describe Samael as a “fallen angel” for various reasons,

In the Greek Apocalypse of Baruch it’s because he planted “The Vine” in the Garden of Eden to tempt Adam.

In the Book of Adam and Eve it was because Samael refused to bow down to God’s creation after Michael and his angels already had.
The Book of Enoch describes Samael as the Prince of Demons.

The Ascension of Isaiah mentioned Samael and all his hosts fighting in Heaven.
In the Book of Revelation, Samael is the Dragon that fell from Heaven with 12 wings.

The Zohar mentions that it was Samael who wrestled with Jacob on the banks of the river Pineal, it was Samael who named Jacob Israel because “he wrestles with God” and lived.

So Lucifer, is mostly based on misinterpretation, and “folklore” Samael (Satan) is based on many ancient texts, he is like God’s henchman but never mentioned directly in the Bible.

Samael despite his somewhat evil persona, still served and stayed loyal to the Lord, he isn’t Evil neither he is Righteous, he is known as the Poison of God, His appearance is that of a Giant with 12 wings and a frighteningly beautiful face, Samael is also known as the Angel of Death.

Lucifer, is the most beautiful, most important and most powerful being God has ever made, Lucifer wanted to be like God so he rebelled and fell from Grace, Lucifer is a light bringer, he is flawless and almost omnipotent.

If God is all powerful and he created all things and said they were good. According to Job nothing happens with out God‘s approval. Nothing changes, nothing can be done because of his plan. We are his creation and not even a bird that falls in the sky he knows about. And he cures for all things. According to Isaiah we are the geat evil. The choice is easy between obedience or non-obedience. Lucifer was created to be who he is. I know nothing about this Samael. If he existed he still falls under the same rules as all creation.

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